The Cineast

Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.”                           – Ingmar Bergman

In 2009, I watched The Dark Knight. Sneaked into the T.V. room, around 1 A.M., reluctantly tuned to a channel obsessed with Telugu Hyperactive action. But to my surprise, I saw this masterpiece being showcased(In my opinion, it indeed were a Premier). Eventually, a certain someone appeared, with white war-paint veiling his face. Those cicatrice, at first, tased my senses but later I submerged into the character. Late Heath Ledger, in his most enigmatic ways, drenched me into the elixir of cinema. I learned that it transcends the boundaries of entertainment. Unarguably, it has enlightened countless mind and souls. To exemplify, Grave of the Fireflies can make you run hiding those tears, inasmuch as Chaplin & Keaton will turn any gloomy day into chuckles and giggles.

Movies have touched every emotion and feeling of human conscience. Film enthusiasts and fraternity calls it ‘Genre’. A person confides with a genre mutually, based on his emotional susceptibility. However, the aforementioned formulae is suggested by Pyschologists and this is were cinema breaks free from the restrains of Science. This is were art takes control, as to say, a person with a good sense of humour earnestly watches Schindler’s List or Mulholland Drive. A girl-next-door is facilitated from Inception or Raging Bull. The key-point is that no matter what you are or what you do…Films will forever remain unchanged. Therefore, to quench my craving for movies, I will be posting articles recommending you the best in a particular genre. Irrespective of their commercial value, movie will be listed or analysed according to their impact on the audience. 

Hope you will fancy this effort of paying tribute, to what I value the most. Your suggestions and analysis will be genially welcomed. Enjoy your reading.


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